Our goal is to assist community college Black staff and students in navigating higher education career pathways and achieving success through attaining educational and employment goals.  We encourage you to complete an individual membership application today.  Also, please pass on this information to your colleagues where you work.

The National Council on Black American Affairs (NCBAA) believes in the development of full human potential, encourages lifelong learning for all people and acknowledges the worth of the individual. We also believe in the power of unity and influence of the collective voice. To that end, the NCBAA invites you to join us in expanding and enhancing the voice of NCBAA across community college campuses and supporting state legislature where Black students, staff, and faculty concerns need to be addressed at a more global level.  Please take time to review our website and contact us should you have questions.

Current active CHAPTERS




There are currently individual members in FL, GA, NC, TX, VA, LA, and SC

The following states are part of NCBAA Southern Region:

Alabama; Florida; Georgia; Kentucky; Louisiana; Mississippi; South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas; Tennessee; and Virginia.

We encourage colleagues across the 11-state region to join NCBAA!  You can join as an individual member, charter a local chapter, or as an institutional member.  If you have any questions about NCBAA or membership, feel free to email any member of the board.